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Private Clients

Looking to see a therapist?

While we have multiple physical office locations in Southwestern Ontario, all of our clinicians at Psychology Health Solutions can operate remotely as well. You can book therapy that is:


  • In-person

  • Virtually, or

  • Over the phone

Psychology Health Solutions also offers several therapy formats, including:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couple's/Relationship Therapy

  • Group Workshops, &

  • Group Treatment Programs

Our hourly rate for private clients is in keeping with the accepted rates for psychological services as indicated by our governing bodies. Please note that we cannot offer direct billing. As all private health benefit plans vary, we cannot advise if your plan covers our services - if you plan to submit a receipt for reimbursement, please contact your insurance provider directly and determine if your plan covers Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Psychologists, Registered Social Workers, etc. 

We would be happy to work with you to ensure you are connected with the right therapist. 

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